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Getting Better at Getting People Better

Getting Better at Getting People Better

2014, 192 pages

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Getting Better at Getting People Better Product information Karrasch, N.

Getting better at Getting People Better shows you practical information on how to support clients' healing processes.
This book is for practitioners across a wide range of physical and medical therapies, as well as psychotherapists, to improve their practice and get better at what they do. The author leads you to the core of true healing.
Noah Karrasch explores the essentials of effective practice that apply across all healing modalities and expands on a four step formula based on these essentials: caring about patrons, providing a safe setting, communicating with clients, and encouraging their participation in their own healing.
He also discusses the practitioner's self-understanding and self-healing work as a vital part of becoming a better provider of health and healing.
Karrasch presents a model of communication focused on recognising which of four centers (head, heart, gut, or groin) both practitioners and their clients operate from to strengthen ties between healing partners. It reveals the fundamentals of effective practice drawn from a wide range of therapies.
Getting better at Getting People provides practical advice, as well as points of reflection, for all those seeking to deepen their therapeutic practice.
Karrasch, N.

Noah Karrasch
is a certified Rolfer and licensed massage therapist. He also holds a teaching degree from the University of Missouri in Columbia. He teaches core bodywork skills throughout the midwest and also works with the Wren Clinic in East London.

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