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Weiji Xiaochu Gong - Stress Relief Exercise (DVD)

Weiji Xiaochu Gong - Stress Relief Exercise (DVD)

2006, 2 DVDs, 395 min.

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Weiji Xiaochu Gong - Stress Relief Exercise (DVD) Product information Faulkner, G.

Gordon Faulkner shows in this qigong workshop video how to work with qigong against stress.
It is well-known that qigong excercises are very effective in reliefing the effects of stress (weiji). Even there were no qigong forms designed to help with present day stress disorders the Weiji Yufang Gong is partly also an medical qigong excercise. There are two new routines, Weiji Yufang Gong Stress Prevention Exercise, and Weiji Xiaochu Gong Stress Relief Exercise. Each of the two routines contains eight individual repetative exercises that flow seamlessly together. As their names imply you can find in the first exercise a preventative exercise to stop the build up of stress.
While the second exercise was compiled with the aim of relieving the effects for people already suffering from stress. Together they provide a paired (yin-yang), balanced approach to dealing with stress. In this qigong video you find in the beginning a worm up. Faulkner explains a lot how the movement should be and this video is perfectly to learn the forms. After the first part you will receive some basic information about historical sight of stress and which terms are important in the present.
After this theoretical part you see new movements again. After all you will receive a lot of background information about these forms and also the useful theoretical background as well.

TCM Rothenburg 2006, 2 DVDs, 395 min., English German.

Faulkner, G.

Gordon Faulkner
is Prinicpal Instructor at the Chanquanshu School of Daoist Arts. He is a Certified International Judge of Daoyin Yangsheng Gong and President of the Scotland and Wales Daoyin Yangsheng Gong Association. Gordon is a closed-door student of Professor Zhang Guangde, founder of the modern Daoyin Yangsheng system taught at the Beijing Sports University.

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