About us

Naturmed – the leading shipping bookstore of alternative medicine

Naturmed was founded by the former famous medical bookstore and publisher Mueller & Steinicke (founded 1895) in Munich/Germany. Since over 30 years the bookstore and publisher is a self-owned family business. Until 1995 Mueller & Steinicke sold books for all medical areas. Because of the raising interest in alternative medicine we refocused 1995 the emphasis from allopathic medicine to homeopathy and added the Traditional Chinese Medicine later on with books on acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Qigong, 5-element nutrition and natural health as well as physiotherapy for practitioners and laypersons. We have made a spin-off of the allopathic area, kept the alternative medicine and renamed the bookstore naturmed. The publishing company Mueller & Steinicke still remains with us.

As naturmed collects literature of Homoeopathy and TCM from all over the world, we might have one of the largest special assortments for TCM and acupuncture books in Germany.

Being also a publishing company in our area, we have published over 100 books for Homoeopathy and Chinese medicine, we are constantly working on keeping our profound knowledge of our subjects we cover up-to-date.

Our major differentiators are a deep fundamental knowledge of our books combined with a fast delivery to our thousands of customers across Europe.

Naturmed´s sales channels nowadays are the classical mail-business with our internet-shop, catalogue, congresses and our local store in Munich. We are self-owned and work since decades with all major organizations in the German speaking area. Naturmed is represented of the major TCM-congresses i.e. AGTCM-TCM congress in Rothenburg/Germany, ASA congress in Switzerland and TAO congress in Austria.