5 Element Basics

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Campbell, T. C./ Campbell, T. M. The China Study
€19.95 *
The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell changes your diet and reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Order it now at naturmed.
€22.00 *
Tao of a Balanced Diet by Dr. Stephen Thomas Chang offers a method for determining the balance and health of any meal. Order it now at naturmed.
Colbin, A. Food and Healing
€16.00 *
Food & Healing this is an excellent summary of how diet affects health, wellbeing, and quality of life. Order it now by naturmed.
Chinese Dietetics meets modern scientific research by Dr. Stefan Englert is about food-metabolism fit with the ancient guidelines from Chinese diet-therapy. Order the online video here at naturmed.
Get the lecture from Dr. Stefan Englert about Chinese dietetics meets modern scientific research by the 3rd Scandinavian TCM congress on DVD. Order here at naturmed.
Flaws, B. The Book of Jook
€19.00 *
The Book of Jook is an introduction to the tradition of Chinese medicinal porridges, called jook in Cantonese and congee or porridge in English. Order it now.
€15.00 *
The Tao of Healthy Eating is a guide about healthy eating through the wisdom of Chinese medicine. Order it now by naturmed.
Chinese Medicinal Wines and Elixirs by Bob Flaws contains the ingredients, method of preparation and administration in Chinese medicine. Order it now.
Angela Hicks at the Scandinavian TCM Congress 2011 about how the internal causes of disease directly and indirectly. Your online video of Five Element Aetiology here at naturmed.
€21.00 *
A lecture by Angela Hicks about Five Element Aetiology how the internal causes of disease on the Scandinavian TCM congress. Order the DVD now at naturmed.
€35.00 *
Chinese Natural Cures: the contents are arranged so as to methodically describe philosophy and methods of Chinese medicine. Order this book by Henry Lu here.
€14.95 *
How to loose weight with healing foods and recipes, qigong energy exercises, and methods of healing naturally. Order here from naturmed.
1 - 12 (total 17)

5 elements basics

Books about 5 Element Basic are important for everyone, who is employed with Chinese Nutrition. This is the selection for theory - the selection cookbooks is for practice. You can order books and media on TCM here, we ship worldwide.