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Chinese Natural Cures

Chinese Natural Cures

2005, 512 Seiten

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Chinese Natural Cures Product information Lu, H.C.

Includes a complete classification of 100 Chinese herbs and their uses, as well as dozens of herbal formulas.
Luxuriously produced in a duo-color silk-encased hardcover artbook format, the contents are arranged so as to methodically describe philosophy and methods of Chinese medicine, treatment according to clinical diagnosis and complaint, classification and formulation of herbs and herbal formulas, and, most extensively, food cures. The food cures section gives, for each item, its usage, description according to nature and action, and preparation.
The unusual format allows for many interesting graphical layouts of a variety of useful charts and tables.
Lu, H.C.

Henry C. Lu, Ph.D.,
has been practicing Chinese medicine since 1972. He also teaches Chinese medicine worldwide. Dr. Lu?s books are recommended by the Board of Acupuncture Examiners in the US.

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