5 Element nutrition

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Pitchford, P. Healing with Whole Foods
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Healing with whole foods include the application of Chinese medicine and five element theory to contemporary diet. Order the book by Paul Pitchford here.
Daniel Reid explores Chinese tea in its manifold varieties, its long historical development in China, and its refinement as a mainstay of Chinese culture. Order the book here.
Fat Chance integrates eastern and western understanding of health into a unified perspective. Learn more about good and bad quality fats and oils. Order books by Willmont here.
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Fats and Oils in a Nutshell provides you with all simple basics you need to use fats and oils for optimum health safety. Order the book now.
Zong, Xiao-Fan/ Liscum, G. Chinese Medicinal Teas
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Chinese Medical Teas is a compendium of simple one-, two-, or three-ingredient Chinese medicinal teas. Order now from naturmed.de
13 - 17 (total 17)

5 elements nutrition

The 5 Elements-nutrition is a key element in Chinese medicine. We have put together all the important books on the basics of the 5 elements nutrition, but also 5-element cookbooks. Therapists as well as patients can achieve a lot with a healthy diet.