Educational books/basic information

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Ellis, A./Wiseman, N./Boss, K. Fundamentals of Chinese Acupuncture
€39.95 *
The authors arrange the text in four systematic sections: Materials and Methods, Channel, Pathways, Channels and Points, and Approaches to Point Selection. Order it now.
Fred Jennes' 750 Questions & Answers about Acupuncture is for students preparing for exam and for practitioners who wish to bone up on both point location and theory. Order it now.
Jin Shi-Ying/ Jin Wan-cheng/ Jin Pu Ein A Practical Handbook of Acupuncture Points
€29.95 *
A practical Handbook about the location, indication, and needling method of each point of the auricular acupuncture points. Order it now from naturmed!
Johnson, J.A. Daoist Magical Talismans
€150.00 *
This book contains the most comprehensive instruction on Magic Talismans to date and includes the various applications of Magic Talismans. Order here at naturmed!
Acupuncture, Meridian Theory and Acupuncture Points by Prof. Li Ding offers an extensive description of meridians and points. Order it here.
This title by Tianjun Liu describes what happens in mind and body during meditation, and how to reach the state of Rujing. Order it here.
1 - 6 (total 6)

Educational books and basic information on TCM

Basic books about traditional Chinese medicine for practitioners give you an overview about the general treatment with acupuncture. Order your books and media here, we send worldwide.