Energetic Acupuncture

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Author John R. Cross compares the traditional and modern approaches of TCM with the chakra energy system of Ayurvedic philosophy. Order this book here.
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Acupuncture Energetics: The text by Helms adapts modern graphical and textual techniques to the teaching of acupuncture and examines the roots. Order it now!
Holland, A. Voices of Qi
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Voices of Qi by Alex Holland is written for the patients and medical professionals who seek a basic understanding of TCM. Order this title now.
Mayor, D./Micozzi, M. Energy Medicine East and West
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Energy Medicine East and West, comprehensive overview of Qi or bioenergy for students and practitioners of energy medicines. Order this title now.
Oschman, J. L. Energy Medicine
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Energy Medicine von James L. Oschman befasst sich mit Energiefeldern im menschlichen Körper und wie sich dieser bei Störungen und Krankheiten verändert. Hier bei naturmed!
Intravenosus laser blood radiation in sports medicine is a presentation from Dr. Raggi at the ASA congress 2012. Order this DVD now at naturmed!
1 - 6 (total 6)

Energetic acupuncture

Energetic acupuncture books provide the best way to treat patients by stimulating their Qi. We offer titles like Energy Medicine by Oschman. You may order your books and media here, we send worldwide.