Triggerpoint Therapy

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A comprehensive account of current knowledge about very commonly occurring musculoskeletal pain disorders. Order the book by Peter E. Baldry here.
The book Acupoint and Trigger Point Therapy for Babies by acupuncturist and massage practitioner Donna Finando is available here at naturmed.
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Myofascial Trigger Points: Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment examines all aspects of muscle physiology and the pathogenesis of myofascial pain. Order it here.
Kersschot, J. Biopuncture
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Biopuncture from Jan Kersschot is a therapy whereby specific body locations are injected with biologically active substances. Order now at naturmed!
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Triggerpoint therapy

In this section you can find specialised books about trigger points and their treatment. You may order your books and media here, we send worldwide.