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Johnsonīs Energetic approach to oncology is a cancer seminar developed to supplement in the textbook about Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy. Order here.
Lahanīs approach is an integrated care that combines Chinese herbal medicine with Western medicine to enhance and improve medical care for patients with cancer. Order here
Lahans' The Geology of the Modern Cancer Epidemic, interweaves conventional medical knowledge with Chinesse medicine interpretations and strategies. Order here at naturmed.
This text delivers fundamental theory, treatment modalities as well as prevention and regulation of breast diseases in Chinese medicine. Order it here!
The lecture by Yair Maimon offers a new scientific methodology which shows a complex Chinese herbal formula (LCS101). Order the online video here.
Maimonīs presentation about Treating cancer in CM research and results at of the TAO Kongress 2012. Order the DVD now from naturmed.
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The whole approach of Anni Matthew's cancer companion is to explore possibilities, at a time when it is easy to give up hope. Order the book here.
TCM Approaches to Cancer will be a valuable source for all with cancer and the medical professionals who work with them. Order the book by Henry McGrath here.
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This is a book about the natural treatment based on TCM principles and theories to support your self-healing processes with breast cancer. Order it here.
Several patient vignettes show therapeuts and patients the whole-person approach within a cancer therapy. Order the book by Stephen Sagar here from naturmed.
The book offers a listing of CAM methods and medicinals from Western and Chinese practice for use both with cancer, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Order from naturmed.
This unique volume written by Wing Shing Ho presents the recent developments in the field of herbal medicines for the treatment of diseases and cancer. Order the book here.
1 - 12 (total 13)

Books on treating cancer with TCM

Books about the clinical TCM practice for the treatment of all kinds of cancer. You can order books and media on TCM here, we ship worldwide.