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Ayal, R./ Mendler Shefer, A./ McInyre, M. Pediatricsday 2 Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (online video)
€16.00 *
Kinderheilkundetag auf dem 41. TCM Kongress 2010 in Rothenburg, Teil 2. Ein Vortrag mit Ayal über TCM und Kinderwunschbehandlung, das Online-Video hier anschauen.
Ayal, R./ Mendler Shefer, A./ McInyre, M. Pediatrics day 2 Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (DVD)
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DVD über TCM und Kinderwunschbehandlung auf dem TCM Kongress 2010 in Rothenburg. Bestellen Sie Ihre Fach-DVDs hier bei naturmed.
Joan Duveen's aim is to acquire tools for treating children, support the natural development of children and tools for treatment in general. Order the online video here.
Joan Duveen's lecture on Childhood development and related pathologies at TCM-Kongress Rothenburg 2012. Order your DVDs here at naturmed.
Keeping your Child Healthy is meant to educate parents, to help attract new patients, and to provide a source for oft-repeated information. Order it here.
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A Handbook of TCM Pediatrics includes everything from colic and cradle cap to mumps and pediatric hyperactivity treated with Chinese herbal medicinals. Order the title now.
Integrative Medicine for Children - here you will find the information you need to distinguish among those therapies with good evidence. Order the book by May Loo now.
€85.00 *
Pediatric Acupuncture introduces important concepts of childhood development that integrate conventional theories with the TCM theories. The book by Loo is available here.
Three CDs of lecture by Yair Maimon about Diagnosing and treating childhood trauma. From the 3rd Scandinavian congress 2011. Order now at naturmed.
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Pediatrics in Chinese Medicine includes detailed description of the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of childhood diseases according to TCM principles. Order it now.
Dr. Julian Scott hält einen Vortrag über gefürchtete Kinderkrankheiten auf dem TCM-Kongress Rothenburg 2012. Ihr Online-Video hier bei naturmed bestellen.
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Dr. Julian Scott holds a lecture about the dreaded childhood diseases: measles, whooping coung and scarlet fever at the TCM-Kongress Rothenburg 2012. Order your DVDs here.
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TCM for Children

Books about the treatment of children in TCM with acupuncture or herbs. You can order books and media on TCM here, we ship worldwide.