from: Ayal, R./ Mendler Shefer, A./ McInyre, M.

Pediatrics day 2 Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (DVD)

Pediatrics day 2 Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (DVD)

2010, 1 DVD, 180 min.

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Pediatrics day 2 Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (DVD) Product information Ayal, R./ Mendler Shefer, A./ McInyre, M.

Keren Sela gives a short lecture about infertility and infertility relation issues and TCM.
Sabine Willms gives a lecture about: Embryology and gestation in classical chinese medicine
Course Outline:
Classical Chinese Cultural Context for Embryology:
  • Philosophy: Confucianism and Daoism
  • Cosmology: Qi, Yin Yang, Five Phases, Correöatove Thinking
  • The Female Body and Embryology,
  • Textual Sources on Embryology:
    -Bei ji qian jin yao fang -Ishimpo.
    Interpretation, Questions, Clinical Application.

    Keren Sela aus Israel praktiziert neben der Praxis auch im Krankenhaus für Infertilität.
    Sela präsentiert Artikel aus dem Bereich Infertilität u.s.w., die sie zum Thema Infertilität/Kräuter/TCM finden konnte und betrachtet sie aus medizinischer/TCM-Sicht.
    Aufgezeigt werden Studien, die die Wirkungsweise der Kräutergabe und TCM –Behandlung mit Akupunktur zu den Themen Infertilität und deren Ergebnisse beobachtet und bewerten.
    Sabine Wilms zeigt in ihrem Vortrag den kulturellen Hintergrund, klassischen Kontext aus Sicht der chinesischen Medizin der Embryologie, Philosophie, Kosmologie, Ideen über den weiblichen Körper und drei Quellen der Embryologie.

    TCM-Kongress Rothenburg 2010,
    DVD, 180 min., englisch/deutsch.

    Ayal, R.

    Rani Ayal
    has been practicing and teaching Chinese Medicine for over twenty years. Initially trained in Japan in Shiatsu and Meridian style Acupuncture, Rani later returned to Israel to complete his studies in TCM acupuncture and herbal therapy. Rani then continued his training in Classical Chinese Medicine, Five Elements and Stems and Branches, under Master Acupuncturist Joan Duveen. Former head of the Acupuncture Department at Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv and chairman of the Israeli TCM association, Rani maintains a full time clinic for children and adults, often treating over 120 patients a week, and lectures frequently in Israel and abroad.

    Mendler Shefer, A.

    Anat Mendler Shefer, L.Ac;
    Education & Qualifications: 1991-1995 A.C.C.H.S Oakland California, USA Master degree in Chinese Medicine & sciences; 1988-1991 Camera Obscura Tel Aviv, Israel Art & Photography; 1987-1988 Hebrew University Jerusalem Anthropology& languages; Courses & continuing Education: 2006-2012 Brigho Yoga/Udi Bilu Teachers program; 2006-2007 Broshim Faculty Stems & Branches; 2004-2006 Broshim Faculty Psychological foundation in Buddhism; 2003-2004 Medicin TCM Academy Chinese Medicine & Gynecology; 1999-2007 TCM Kongress Rothenburg Gyn. & TCM; 1995-1996 N.S.A.A Chinese Medicine& Sport Injuries; Work Experience: since 2010 Moderator of the fertility symposium at the TCM Kongress Rothenburg; since 1997 Private Clinic of Chinese Medicine in Tel Aviv, Israel; 1997-2012 Teacher of TCM academy Tel Aviv, Israel; 2005-2012 Creator (& participating lecturer) C.E. (yearly) Course in gynecology and TCM Tel Aviv, Israel; 2007-2009 Member of the Israeli Acup. Committee (in charge of licensing exam for TCM); 2002-2007 Teacher at Academy of Chinese Arts Winterthur, Switzerland; 2000-2002 Research Pain management with Acupuncture before knee Replacement in Ichilov general Hospital Tel Aviv, Israel; 1999-2002 TCM Practitioner in the department of Male Fertility in Ichilov general hospital Tel Aviv, Israel.

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