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This book is a clear and comprehensive review of current knowledge concerning the myofascial trigger point pain syndrome and fibromyalgia. Order now from naturmed.
Guillaume, G./Chieu, M. Rheumatology in Chinese Medicine
€39.95 *
Two respected French acupuncturists have layed the ground for the TCM approach to rheumatology here, including a translation of a Chinese work on back pain. Order it here.
€19.95 *
This book on Lumbago is based on the author's extensive experience in teaching, research and clinical practice. Order now at naturmed bookstore!
€19.95 *
A little book about Rheumatology. Order now from naturmed
Treating pain and transformation using the 12 Ting/Jing poinst Part I+II by Maimon. Workshop from the TAO Kongress 2012. Order now at naturmed.
€16.00 *
This online video includes the lecture from Sum Peilin about Bi-Syndromes Part 1 At the TAO congress 2012. Available at naturmed.de
€16.00 *
At the TAO-congress 2012 Sun Peilin has hold a workshop on the topic of Bi-Syndromes, this is part 2. Order your online video now at naturmed.
€21.00 *
Part 1 of Sun Peilin's lecture on the bi-syndrome at the TAO Kongress 2012. Order the DVD now at naturmed Fachbuchversand.
€21.00 *
Sun Peilin's workshop at the TAO-congress 2012 about the bi-Syndrome, this is part 2. Order your DVD now at naturmed.
€6.00 *
A brief biomedical understanding of rheumatoid arthritis and gout, and enumerates classical Chinese herbal formals used in treating these conditions. Order now.
Chinese Spinal Orthopedics is a book that effectively integrates our current knowledge of spinal biomechanics with theories of the TCM. Order now!
Yang, Jwing-Ming Back Pain Relief
€23.00 *
This book explains how to heal back problems with qigong techniques that employ partner-based massage and self-healing methods. Order it here.
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TCM books for orthopedy and rheumatism

Books about the clinical TCM practice for the treatment of orthopaedic syndromes. Find your specialised books on this topic here.