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Serge Augier explains why BaZi (Chinese astrology) is the key to understanding your own character and the characters of others. Order the book here.
L´Orange, D./ Dolowich, G. Ancient Roots, Many Branches
€19.95 *
This book presents Energetics of healing across cultures and through time. Order this title by Darlena L´Orange und Gary Dolowich here.
Perfect Seasons – Seasonal Balancing Acupuncture presents a method of seasonal and cyclical acupuncture based on the treatments of Richard Tan. This book by Migdali is available here.
Taylor Wu, K. Calculating the BaZi
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In this fully illustrated book Karin Taylor Wu and Master Wu show you the art of creating an individualized Chinese Four Pillar astrology chart. Order this title here.
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Chinese Medical Astrology by David Twicken presents how astrology influences health. This book introduces the Heavenly Stems and Branches methodology. Order here.
1 - 5 (total 5)

Books about Chinese astrology

Chinese astrology books describe the Chinese zodiac, their personalities and the influences of the five elements - even when the acupuncture is especially effective. You can order books and media on TCM here, we ship worldwide.