Philosophical Text

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Bertschinger, R. / Bo-yang Wei The Secret of Everlasting Life
€24.95 *
This Qigong book gives an insight in ancient Taoist thought, Chinese philosophy and culture and Chinese medicine. Order now from naturmed.
Imperial Secrets of Health and Longevity by Flaws discusses the Chinese medical theory and practice of yang sheng, nourishing life. Order it now.
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This text by Rochat de la Vallée establishes a firm grounding for thoughtful discussion, and as well as provides inspiration for individual spiritual cultivation. Order it here.
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Book of Master Liao to teach directly and simple what is chi and why it is essential for your health and vitality. Order now from naturmed.
Wong, E./ Hua Yang Liu Cultivating the Energy of Life
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It is a classic Taoist manual on the circulation of internal energy by means of meditation. It is the inspiration behind many Qigong techniques. Available here.
1 - 5 (total 5)

Philosophical texts

The classical texts describe the philosopholical of Konfuzius or Laotsex and form the basic of Chinese treatments like Yin/Yang and the 5 Elements. Find your specialised books on this topic here.