Shang han lun / Wen bing

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Guohui Liu understanding of both classical and modern Chinese enables him to interpret fully the ancient work within the theory of Chinese medicine. Order at naturmed!
The author explains the concepts so that the clinical applications of the ancient texts can be better understood and put into practice. Order at naturmed!
Mitchell, C./Ye, F./Wiseman, N. Shang Han Lun on Cold Damage
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Diese und weitere Literatur über das Shang Han Lun/Wen Bing, Wärme- und Kälteerkrankungen, finden Sie hier bei Ihrem naturmed Fachbuchvertrieb. Available here.
Jin Gui Yao Lue covers a broad range of subjects including prevention of disease, causes of disease, pathomechanisms, diagnostics, principles of treatment…
Young, G./Marchment, R. Shang Han Lun Explained
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Greta Young makes understanding a complex classic text easy. Find more literature on the Shang Han Lun/Wen Bing here at naturmed!
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Shang han lun/Wen bing

The Shang Han Lun, a treatise on cold diseases, is considered the oldest treatise in the history of medicine. At the moment only the TCM Books by Mitchel and Young are available. You can order books and media on TCM here, we ship worldwide.