TCM and Science

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Jake Fratkin shows how to use the blood tests results in the TCM practice, he also presents his new book which contains 225 important formulas. Order your DVD now at naturmed!
The new edition of Research Methods for Clinical Therapists explains simply how to evaluate existing research and how to conduct your own research. Buy it now.
Hinrichs, T.J./ Barnes, L. Chinese Medicine and Healing
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Chinese Medicine and Healing by T.J. Hinrichs and Linda Barnes is a comprehensive introduction of Chinese Healing practices. You can order your book here!
MacPherson, H./ Hammerschlag, R./ Lewith, G./ Schnyer, R. Acupuncture Research
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This book sets out a full range of research strategies for evaluating the clinical practice of acupuncture. Order now at naturmed.
Volker Scheidīs Currents of Tradtion in Chinese Medicine describes the development, flourishing, and decline of this lineage and its many branches. Order this book here.
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This practical book is about body and ear acupuncture, point location, clinical application and tuina techniques. Order it now from naturmed!
Witt and Linde describe in their book how to do Clinical Research in Complementary and Integrative Medicine in practice. Order from naturmed
Zhao, Z./ Chen, H./ Guo, P./ Brand, E. Chinese Medicinal Identification
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Chinese Medicinal Identification: Pharmacists have long relied on the traditional method of macroscopic identification to assess the quality of medicinal materials. Order at naturmed!
1 - 8 (total 8)

Books on TCM and Science

Studies and books on science and Traditional Chinese Medicine, particularly in comparison with the East and West. Find your specialised books on this topic here.