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Facial diagnosis, Part 2 (DVD)

Facial diagnosis, Part 2 (DVD)

2012, 2 DVDs, Workshop, 165 min.

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Facial diagnosis, Part 2 (DVD) Product information Bridges, L.

Facial Diagnosis Part 2 gives specific information about the internal physiological functioning.
Participants will learn about: the markings that show Jing and Qi, the information contained in the Facial Maps, and the diagnostic meanings of unusual coloration.
In addition, they will learn to interpret markers for specific diseases, recognize how issues and patterns contribute to disease and will be given some recommended treatments. Participants will gain valuable diagnostic tools for immediate use in their clinics.

A lecture by Professor Lillian Bridges at the TAO-Kongress 2012,
2 DVDs, 165 min., English.

Bridges, L.

Lillian Pearl Bridges
ist eine bekannte Autorin, die zahlreichen Patienten geholfen hat, deren spritituelles Potential auszuschöpfen. Ihr Grundsatz ist, dass das Gesicht das Innere des Einzelnen widerspiegelt. Ihre letzte Arbeit beinhaltet eine Reinterpretation der vergangenen Taoistischen Alchemie und gibt einen Einblick in die Verjüngerung und Lebenshilfe. Bridges ist seit 25 Jahren als Lehrerin auf diesem Gebiet tätig und gibt Vorträge in der ganzen Welt zu dem Thema Chinesische Gesichtsdiagnose.

Lillian Pearl Bridges
is considered the world's leading authority on Face Reading and Diagnosis and she is credited for bringing this body of ancient knowledge back to the field of Chinese Medicine. For over 25 years, she has taught both complimentary and allopathic health practitioners how to utilize Facial Diagnosis in their practices. A Professor of Oriental Medicine, Bridges learned her skills from a long line of master Chinese practitioners in her family. She received her degree in psychology from UCLA. Founder of The Lotus Institute, Inc. she trains students at continuing education courses at universities and colleges, and is a featured speaker at conferences and symposiums around the world. She has been on numerous television shows and radio stations and has been interviewed and written for major publications internationally. Her book Face Reading in Chinese Medicine was first published by Churchill Livingstone in 2003 and was translated into German and Italian.

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