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Chinese Pediatric Massage by Cline explores techniques and protocols for treating childhood illnesses. Order now at naturmed bookstore!
This reference book developed by a teacher and clinician trained in China, is designed to meet the needs of parents interested in learning to give massage. Order now.
Tuina for pediatric diseases gives indications and functions for each tuina technique to help the pracitioner develop their own treatment. Order the DVD now.
Li Jiang Shan/ (ed.) Tuina/Massage Manipulations
€22.95 *
This Tuina introduction is written with the needs of the student and beginning practitioner in mind. With DVD demonstrating all the techniques in action. Order now.
This Tuina-DVD explains the etiology, pathomechanisms, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, therapeutic principles, and treatment techniques for each illness. Order now.
Pritchard, S. Chinese Massage Manual
€35.00 *
This comprehensive, introductory book covers the essentials of Chinese massage Tuina including the fundamental principles of Chinese medicine. Order the book by Sarah Pritchard from naturmed.
Riegel, A.M. Tuina-Anmo
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Das Tuina-Buch über Chinesische Massage im Wettkampfsport ist das bisher einzige, das chinesische Medizin und Sport miteinander vereint. Jetzt hier bestellen.
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At the ASA congress 2012 Rossi gave a lecture on Pediatric tuina. Order the online access here from naturmed.
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At the ASA congress 2012 Rossi gave a lecture on Pediatric tuina. Order this DVD now from
Sun, Weizhong/ Kapner, A. Tuina Therapy
€64.99 *
Tuina therapy is a comprehensive guide that gives detailed instructions for using Chinese tuina to treat disorders. Order it here from naturmed.
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Tuina books

The best-known textbook for the training of Tuina by Fan/Hummelberger about Tuina. It shows the tuina practice by numerous pictures and detailed descriptions. Learn the Chinese massage now. Find your specialised books on this topic here.